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Jask is a well-known DJ and producer based in Tampa, Florida. He has been influential in the house music scene for over two decades. Known for his Soulful and Deep House sound, he has gained recognition through his DJ performances and original productions. With his passion for music and skillful mixing, Jask has performed locally, nationally, and internationally at various high-profile clubs, festivals, and events. His music has been featured on multiple compilations and has received support from DJs worldwide. He continues contributing to the House music community through his unique DJ sets, productions, and collaborations. His style often incorporates jazz, funk, and soul elements, creating a unique and vibrant sound that resonates with audiences. This sound has given him the nickname from many major producers known as the “Mashup King.

Jask co-founded Thaisoul Recordings, which has released numerous Soulful and Deep House tracks and remixes by him and other artists. Thaisoul Recordings has gained recognition for its commitment to quality music. The tracks released from the label are known for embodying House music’s dynamic aspects of jazz, funk, and soul elements. The label’s discography includes releases featuring original productions and remixes by Jask and other talented significant artists. Through its releases, Thaisoul Recordings aims to provide listeners and dancers with a musical experience that resonates deeply, evoking emotions and creating a connection between the artist and the audience. Overall, the label focuses on nurturing talent and contributing to the vibrant and diverse landscape of the genre.

Besides his contributions to the music industry, Jask is known for his involvement in the local community. He has actively supported various charitable events and initiatives, using his platform to give back and positively impact Tampa, Florida. Jask has participated in benefit concerts, fundraisers, and campaigns for causes such as health-related organizations, youth development programs, and community outreach initiatives. He has used his music and performances to help generate funds and create a sense of unity and support within the community. By bringing together music, art, and philanthropy, he has fostered an environment where people can enjoy music while contributing to important causes. His philanthropic efforts demonstrate his commitment to giving back and using his talent to influence and make a positive difference in the lives of others.

Jask‘s passion for music and dedication to his craft have earned him a loyal following and respect from his peers. His performances continue to captivate audiences, and he remains influential in the House music movement.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Jask for August’s installment of Transmissions, and we gained a lot of insight into Jask’s life as an artist. We hope that you enjoy it!

Interview with Jask:

Q: How did you first get into DJing and producing music?
A: I was heavily into hip-hop culture in the mid-80s, including breakdancing, graffiti, and B-Boy style. It introduced me to House Music in the late ‘80s, and I started making beats & sampling records in the late ’80s and early ’90s.

Q: Can you tell us about your musical influences and how they have 
shaped your sound?
A: From Marvin Gaye to Sade to Miles Davis to Hall & Oates to MFSB to movie scores like Blade Runner by Vangelis to the pulsating electronic sounds by Giorgio Moroder & Kraftwerk to my house heroes like Louie Vega, Kenny Dope, David Morales, Frankie Knuckles, Eric Kupper & Todd Terry. I can never forget bands like Depeche Mode, The Cure, The Smiths, and The KLF. To acid-jazz bands like Jamiroquai and Brand New Heavies. Put all that in a blender, and that’s me.

Q: What sets your style apart from other DJs in the house music scene?
A: When djing, I take a hip hop djing approach and utilize multiple decks, layering sounds/effects & acapellas over numerous tracks, making a remix, mashup, or edit on the fly. With only two decks, I feel handicapped. I need 4 to keep the flow balanced and tell a story with the music selection.

Q: How do you approach creating original tracks or remixes?
A: 2 ways. I either get inspired by older classic records and sometimes sample them or sit at the keyboard and come up with chords and melodies. Regarding remixes, I take the original pieces, make them my own, and create around them. But sometimes the original could be better, and you must create a new piece of work.
Q: Can you share any memorable experiences or highlights from your DJ career?
A: Many magical moments during WMC Miami. Also, I got to play in Europe, like France, England, Greece, Norway and Switzerland. 

Q: As Founder of Thaisoul Recordings, what led you to establish your label, and what is your vision for it?
A: Doing your own label is like the next step up from producing music. You get to do it your way. The vision is to put out music that aligns with my vibe and gives a voice to up-and-coming producers.

Q: What challenges have you faced as a DJ, and how have you overcome them?
A: Always keeping up with the new technology. Know what you’re playing on. Do your homework. And work on what you are comfortable with. Everyone has their preferences. Always ask for a sound check before your gig. 

Q: How do you keep your DJ sets fresh and engaging for your audience?
A: Making my own edits and remixes that no one has. Always digging and shopping for new music, promos, etc. 

Q: Are there any upcoming projects, collaborations, or releases you want to share?
A: My main priority is updating my studio. Most likely, you’ll see projects coming out in the fall.

Q: What advice would you give aspiring DJs and producers looking to make their mark in the industry?
A: Have passion in your art. Do it because you love it. Do your own thing. Refrain from following trends. Stick to your sound. Practice your craft. Don’t be afraid of the word ‘No’. Don’t give up. Your time will come.

Thank you so much for answering our questions, Jask. We appreciate it, given your hectic schedule. DanceGruv wishes you all the best in everything that you do!

Thank you to all our listeners and fans for turning on and tuning into this episode of “The Mainframe.” We will be back soon with another episode and some very cool announcements

Written by: Marshall Jones

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