Techniche presents Techniche Radioshow

Enjoy the sounds of Techniche

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SATURDAY 4:00 pm 5:00 pm

Techniche is a Southern California underground dance music duo with global reach, inspirations, and goals.

With DJs Myxzlplix and John Vilotti, they’re the place for local talents and international guests DJs. Techniche has remained steadfast in establishing itself as a source for quality Tech-House and Techno music. The radio show features studio sessions and live recordings from their residents and guest DJs at each event.

Initiated as a passion project by Myxzlplix, Techniche’s was created to fill a void in San Diego’s club scene. He felt there needed to be a flagship event the city could celebrate as their own. Since 2016, the event reoccurs every first Thursday at Rich’s Nightclub. As part of the city’s “uptown” neighborhood, Rich’s has opened to all who are ready to experience Techniche’s modern soundscape with world-class sounds & lighting systems.

In addition, they launched the Techniche record label in 2018. The focus is on showcasing their original music to the masses. Above all, furthering their audio integrity. With growing interest from fans to global talent, their continued growth fuels their journey of the underground movement.

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