Enjoy the sounds of Solfreqtion

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Solfreqtion is a Zambian born DJ, producer, and founder of the label organization, Zedian Touch On House (ZTOH).

While being involved in Hip-Hop and Neo-Soul, Soulfreqtion became passionate about House music. His influence is in Deep, Soulful, Afro, Techno, and Latin genres of music. He became captivated by major artists such as Aluku Rebels (St.Denis), Mikki Afflict, Lars Behrenroth and his close friend, Sabelo Chanza. In addition, he crafted with his residencies at Legends (Claremont), The Shack (Brothers of Deep), and Kue Radio. The reason why many fans approve of Soulfreqtion is his ability to deliver Deep, Latin, and Afro House music.

His successful podcast called AM SOUL DEEP SESSIONS, features global DJs/Producers. Some names that have been showcased are George Vida, Blaq Tribe Zxvi (MOBLACK Records and Villain Monks), Lucas Thee Tall (Key Core Productions), and more.

ZTOH’s core mission is to promote upcoming artists and assist with establishing a platform. ZTOH focuses on enhancing its artist’s skills. His dedication is to promoting House music across the continent and areas that don’t hear the genre regularly. He is releasing music and is looking forward to a highly productive promising future. Releases to be on the lookout for his upcoming remixes for Deep Fiasco Records, Under Pressure, and on his own label.