Slipstream presents Aesthetic Basslines

Enjoy the sounds of Slipstream

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MONDAY 8:00 pm 9:00 pm

Encountering the club and rave scene at 21, Slipstream was captivated by a unique social experience that fostered unity and understanding through music. Soon afterward, under the guidance of DJ Nugz, Slipstream began his DJ career with a performance at Gotham Nightclub in Chapel Hill, NC. Over the years, he has delighted crowds with inspiring, well-crafted sets.

Throughout his journey, he has taken patrons on a progressive sonic journey through soundscapes that have left them begging for more. Slipstream has entertained audiences with exhilarating sets infused with inspiration. His signature style takes listeners on an evolving sonic expedition, exploring mesmerizing soundscapes. Slipstream has played at events with renowned artists, such as LTJ Bukem and MC Conrad, Nookie, Makoto, Mathematics, Jeffee, Dara, Odi, Pollen, DJ Dan, Max Graham, Icey, Micro, and more.