Mr. Monopoly presents Monocle’s Posh Hour

Enjoy the sounds of Mr. Monopoly

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WEDNESDAY 8:00 pm 9:00 pm

Mr. Monopoly is a beloved DJ from Raleigh, NC who has been taking crowds by storm for 8 years. His skillful track selection and technical mixing prowess have gained him respect and notoriety amongst his peers. His skills have continually refined as he has worked to build the foundation of his long-standing support and promotion of Electronic Dance music events.

From a young age, Mr. Monopoly developed a lifelong connection to music through the sounds of classic Hip Hop artists such as Rakim, Wu-Tang, DMX, Outkast, Missy Elliott, and Busta Rhymes. When it comes to House music, Mr. Monopoly studied House producers that had tracks featuring famous vocalists like Robin S, CeCe Penniston, and Crystal Waters.

As he grew up, so did his musical taste. In particular, he ventured further and further into UK Grime and similar, exploring the music of Silencer, Lewi White, Preditah, and SIR Spyro. After cultivating his signature sound rooted in Hip Hop, he embraced Garage, which brought him to artists like MJ Cole, Flava D, DJ Q, and Artful Dodger.

Because he was shaped by such an eclectic range of musical influences, Mr. Monopoly began DJing, he developed an instantly recognizable style. His skillful weaving of classic House beats and infectious, deep-rooted Grime melodies eventually evolved into a mad sort of science. Rooted in the fluid, effortless twisting of these sounds and then added touches of Dubstep, Garage, and Drum and Bass.

Not only has Mr. Monopoly held down several residencies over the years, but he has also supported and promoted events for over a decade. This Raleigh native is truly an established figure within the city’s music scene. His many talents as a DJ have led him to be sought after at many of the city’s hotspots. Ultimately, it’s his in-depth knowledge of many different genres that really sets him apart and allows him to pack and control dancefloors everywhere.