LeBaron James presents Champagne Selections

Enjoy the sounds of LeBaron James

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THURSDAY 8:00 pm 10:00 pm

LeBaron James, comprised of Jeff Webb and Mark Beshai, is a renowned DJ/Producer duo based in Toronto. Their distinctive sets, brimming with exquisite disco and soulful House music, have made them an amagnetic force on the dancefloor. Their adept ability to forge a deep connection with audiences ensures that once people start dancing, they’re hooked for the night and excited to return to the next event.

Their DJ sets are far from typical; they’re carefully curated to thrill the crowd with a blend of fresh spins on classic hits, party anthems, and often unique, exclusive edits and tracks that debut on the dancefloor. The duo’s unique approach to music ensures the audience is always treated to something new, exciting, and familiar.

LeBaron James also creates original dance music, remixes, and edits of classics we all know and love. They have an extensive catalog of over 100 digital releases, three vinyl releases, and two cassettes.

LeBaron James is proud to have released works with some of the industry’s most respected labels worldwide and had the honor of remixing and collaborating with multiple Grammy/Juno-winning/nominated pioneers in the House music scene.

Beyond their live performances and productions, LeBaron James hosts a popular mix podcast series, “Champagne Selections.” This platform allows them to share their broad music tastes and infectious enthusiasm beyond the club scene, maintaining a continuous bond with their audience between events.

Having played at hundreds of events and hosted dozens across Toronto and out of town throughout Canada and the USA, LeBaron James has cultivated a loyal fan base. This tenacious duo continues to set the bar high with their dedication to creating unforgettable dance experiences.