FrankMatik presents SOULArtefacts Radio

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FRIDAY 8:00 pm 10:00 pm

FrankMatik is a Miami native, based out of Orlando, Fl. Through a regular stream of eclectic DJ mixes and performances, he’s begun to turn heads in underground circles.

His DJ sets include a combination of old-school Hip Hop, soulful, disco, deep, and more. He’s always had one foot on the dance floor and the other in the DJ booth. FrankMatik has stayed on course for learning and honing his skills from his humble beginnings in the late 1990s to the present. Therefore, leading him to create the company, label, and brand “SoulArtefacts”.

FrankMatik has hosted various events within the underground House scene. His events have brought world-renown artists to Central Florida and abroad. Major names such as Master Kev, Doug Gomez, Oscar P, Jask, and Sound Cartel. Some of his notable events are SOULTherapy MMW and AFROBEAT MMW. These events have caught the attention of many house heads from NYC, Detroit, Chicago, and the international house music community at Miami Music Week/Winter Music Conference. Other notable events include, “Beats, Vibes & Vinyl” and “SOULTherapy Orlando”.

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