Enjoy the sounds of Carl Dominic

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WEDNESDAY 9:00 pm trending_flat 10:00 pm

His taste for real House music is what led to the creation of Carl Dominic.

Carl Dominic has an impressive knowledge as musicians extend back for more than 20 years. With his influences coming from many Producers and DJs around the world.

Carl Dominic’s inspiration comes from the creations of work by his favorite artists, DJs, and Producers. He pushes to makes him take steps towards his creative process. With this magical skill, Carl Dominic has and continues to captivate Mexico City patrons to come and dance.

With Carl’s strong dedication, he pushes himself forward with the music and supporters around the globe. In his own words, “If you prolong your desires and apply it to sophisticate your senses, you will be able to squeeze the best juice from within yourself.

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