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Deep Tech Radio 008

micMr. WrighttodayJuly 5, 2020 21

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    Deep Tech Radio 008 Mr. Wright

Deep Tech Radio Episode 008
Track list
01.)Scanner Darkly – Synesthesia (Original Mix) [Deep Tech Recordings]
02.)Scanner Darkly – Silvertongue (Original Mix) [Deep Tech Recordings]
03.)Scanner Darkly – Toxoplasma (Original Mix) [Deep Tech Recordings]
04.)Garden Party – Coronado (Original Mix) [Deep Tech Recordings]
05.)Mr. Wright – Deep (Into the Future) [Deep Tech Recordings]
06.)Garden Party – Bankers Hill (Original Mix) [Deep Tech Recordings]
07.)Mr. Wright – Blue Disc of Humanity (Original Mix) [Staybad]
08.)Mr. Wright – Flütz (Velocity 128 Remix) [Funktrap Records]
09.)Mr. Wright – Flütz (Chairman K Remix) [Funktrap Records]
10.)Mr. Wright & 3peatonthebeat – Live Illegal (Grab it Remix) [Funktrap Records]
11.)Mr. Wright & MicFreak – Back it Up (Original Mix) [Leeward Records]
12.)Mr. Wright – Margarita Flavored Ice Cream (MFIC) (Original Mix) [Deep Tech Recordings]
13.)Mr. Wright – Pop It (Original Mix) [Deep Tech Recordings]
14.)Bicep – Just (Original Mix) [Aus Music]

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