Beat Sessions 130

Chewy Vega (Playa del Carmen, Mexico) presents “Beat Sessions” every Sunday at 7pm EST on!

  1. Dj Ino MC Johnny Def – Love Is In The Air
  2. Tim Andresen – Let It Go (Big Al) (DJ Grooves Addictive Trip Edit (Vincenzo Remix)
  3. kapote- Temptation
  4. Luvless_-_Misunderstood
  5. Seren_Deep_-_Sunday_Walk
  6. Bugsy Astroloop – Svegsy
  7. Jakobin & Domino – Clapamony (Original Mix
  8. Benno Wohl-Late Night Dreaming
  9. J Mills-Okay With Me
  10. Jo Crimaldi-The Party Original Mix
  11. Jamin Hernandez – Everything Disappeared (Sebb Junior Remix)