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Experiencing Mr. V’s DJ sets, original productions or remixes is like taking a trip back in time to dance music’s golden age. Before superstar DJs took over the spotlight, dance music was a cultural phenomenon that did what no other form of music could do which is, bringing people together. It didn’t matter what race […]

Omar Faison is based out of the Richmond, VA area and a House music fan since the early ’90s. Omar Faison began DJing in 1996 and since that time, has held several residencies across VA and Washington, DC. He has played in venues from NYC to Miami to San Diego. In 2012, he began his […]

Oscar P was raised in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and Manhattan’s Washington Heights. His roots in the city run deep. Fusing Afro-Latino and Deep House with influences from NYC, Chicago, and Detroit. Oscar has created a unique sound that defines him today. In his own words, “Brooklyn was where I discovered myself through music. Thankfully I had […]

Pablo Godel was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and his first interactions with music was his father’s Jazz records. Even though he didn’t like the genre at an early age, it got into his soul. In addition, it helped define his musical taste. Then in the late ’80s, Acid House arrived in Argentina and he […]

In an industry driven by egos and flashy visuals, RYE reminds listeners that it’s about the music. Techno music, to be precise. This Louisiana native’s disarmingly personality masks a relentless work ethic, which is evident in her sets. In addition, RYE follows an archetype of Minimal Techno. It begins with a selection of instrumentals that […]

In true ninja fashion, SAYNT draws from diverse soundscapes to produce a singular outcome. A style that can’t be described, only felt. His unique style of House music offers energy that is seasoned with all the flavors of the genre. SAYNT works to draw the crowd into an experience of pure dancing delight. It doesn’t […]

Scott Diaz has plowed a wide and all encompassing path during his 15 years as a DJ and artist, playing and producing right across the spectrum of house.

DJ Slipstream discovered the club/rave scene at the age of 21. Never before had he experienced a social phenomenon promoting such unity and understanding through music. Soon afterward, through the tutelage of DJ Nugz, Slipstream began his DJ career with a booking at Gotham Nightclub in Chapel Hill, NC. Over the years, he has delighted crowds […]

Soulfreqtion is a Zambian born DJ, producer and founder of the label organization, Zedian Touch On House (ZTOH) While being involved in Hip-Hop and Neo-Soul, Soulfreqtion became passionate about House music. His influence is in Deep, Soulful, Afro, Techno and Latin genres of music. He became captivated by major artists such as Aluku Rebels (St.Denis), […]

Stadeeum Noyze is not a name you hear often. However, this name is looking to make a few statements. Stadeeum Noyze is a Chicago native, looking to stake his claim within the music scene focusing on House Music. As House music was birthed in Chicago, it’s no surprise that Stadeeum Noyze would be easily influenced […]

Steve Howerton was born and raised in Greensboro, North Carolina. From a very young age, Steve took an interest in music. He was raised by an organist and joined the orchestra as a viola player in the fourth grade. Before the age of 18, Steve’s love for House music came about while stepping out into […]

Sub-Culture is an experienced, professional DJ collective from Fayetteville, N.C. Established in 2010, the collective consists of Kid Cola, Twilight, Slodrive, Briddy, and Misha. Over the last nine years, they have cultivated a monthly club night in Fayetteville. The event is focused on exploring the sounds of House and Bass music. What started out as […]