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Johnnie Blaze began his musical career at age 7 in The Bronx, watching his cousin play around the neighborhood. He was enthralled with the beats and began observing. All while praying for the day he could buy his own equipment. At age 14, he started hustling and bought his first set of Garrard turntables. As […]

Bathing in music since the age of 15 years, Kenmimi Deejay saw the birth of his passion. It all began in 1994 for this self-taught DJ. Thanks to one of his friends, Stéphane D’ Elisium, Kenmimi Deejay took his first residence at Corner-Kick Coffee. His journey then brought him to Scandal Coffee and Exit Café […]

Klash Rivera is in love with the groove. With a solid combination of Tech House and Latin sounds, his music marks the beginning of a prolific career as an electronic music producer. Klash Rivera has been a DJ in Mexico City’s music scene for almost 16 years. He has played in various venues like Rioma, […]

From his early days DJing at a local dance school in Germany to headlining a 25,000 people music festival in South Africa 31 years later, He has been moving dance floors all over the world. Lars Behrenroth has played at world-renowned clubs like DEEP, Distillery, Motor City Lounge, Stereo, Queens, and enjoying a massively growing […]

Eriko “Lua Cheia” Tsubosaka is one of Japan’s premiere House music DJs. Lua Cheia has been featured at events and festivals worldwide. From Indonesia to Mexico. From Japan to the UK to the US. With 15 years of dance training, Lua is an expert of NYC House dance style and also brings that experience to […]

MANTi was born and raised in Iran and moved to the U.S. in 2009 to further her education. She graduated from UC Berkeley in 2014 and began her career as a management consultant. Her passion for music started at an early age. She grew up imitating pop stars and learning the choreography to her favorite […]

Marshall Jones started out in the scene in mid 99′. Just like a lot of people who are drawn in by the scene, Marshall was all about dancing and enjoying the nightlife. The more he wanted to dance, the more in-depth he became with Electronic Music in general. His thirst for knowledge grew which is […]

Matthew Play is a House, Techno and Chillout producer, and DJ from Southeast Louisiana, USA. Matthew Play has been a longtime purveyor of house and techno. For 10 years strong Matthew has been spinning and promoting house and techno through his own events and production ventures as well as teaming with others in the Gulf-coast […]

Mirko Vice was born in 1980. He has been playing on consoles, vinyl and CD players since he was 12 years old. Using his creativity to make real discotheque in his living room with strobe and mirror ball, this is where he hosted parties with his childhood friends. In 1995, he started as DJ at […]

Miss Voltaghe is one of the up and coming DJs mentioned by many. Influenced by Jazz, Funk, Disco and other pieces of music out there. Her sets are based on her love for Chicago House with several different textures and nuances. Miss Voltaghe also has a niche taste. For example, she drops a touch of […]

Mobelizer was born and lived in Germany for 16 years. This is where his thirst and influence for Electronic music comes from. With House music and Techno on the German mainstream tv and radio, Mobelizer became absorbed by everything in this genre. Over the years, Mobelizer has grown in his skills and lead him to […]

Mr. Mogembo was born in 1974 in Toronto, Canada in a home that crafted his love with music. Early in life, his family migrated to Florida which in his own words, “A climate more fitting for his Guyanese parents”. While growing up on a farm in a rural town outside Orlando, his cousins in New […]