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GetOpen Sessions Radio is engineered by DeepJust and DJ MykBzsH. The duo, DeepJust and DJ MykBzsH have been in this together for many years. They created an entity that turned in an east coast event and in addition, radio show. The essence of GetOpen Sessions’ is the love, culture, and energy of Dance Music Culture. […]

DJ Andrea Roberto was born in Siderno, a city on the Jonic coast of Calabria. From a young age, he started to listen to everything, preferring mostly rock and Brazilian rhythms. After having listened by chance to a compilation, Andrea became interested in figures such as Thievery Corporation, Mo Horizons, Moodorama, Trio Electrico, and Boozoo […]

Felisa Renee Scott aka DJ BossLady is a Newark, New Jersey native. She packed her bags and relocated to Durham, NC at the end of 2010. In New Jersey, Felisa engaged in public, private, and corporate events through referrals and recommendations. She was a resident DJ for Sweet Sixteens’ First Fridays at the former Serengeti […]

DJ Bruce Bailey is known as one of the original greats in a long list of Detroit DJ Royalty. While collecting vinyl since his youth, Bruce Bailey honed his craft during the city’s Techno era of the late ’80s. His roots are dug deep in the local music scene, as being sought after for The Tandem […]

DJ Darkcyde is a native of Philadelphia/New Jersey and currently resides in North Carolina. For over 30 years, he has been spinning tracks from coast to coast, hosting parties and other musical events. In the late ’80s while attending a Howard University homecoming, Darkcyde heard House music for the first time. Ever since then, he […]

DJ Emmaculate is a DJ / Producer / Remixer from the Chicago area city of Elgin. As a teen, DJ Emmaculate was exposed to the sounds of Classic House and Disco. This experience along with the Golden Era of Hip Hop, it steered him into DJing and producing tracks in 1990. Emmaculate has been fortunate […]

DJ Fabrizia is a DJ/Producer of House, Deep House, Tribal House, Tech House, Techno, Club House, Lounge and Chillout. Her music is always melodic and often infused with Latin and very uplifting rhythms. She has 9 years of classical piano training and her selection just comes out naturally! With a passion for music and an […]

DJ Fire Que is best known for his love of House Music. His fascination with House began in high school, where he would sneak into the local clubs and dance by himself. The DJ at that time noticed him and allowed him to come up to the booth. The energy that the crowd gave when […]

DJ Feinberg’s versatility and style reflect more than two decades spent researching and performing music around the world. Beginning in Dallas, Texas with a high school radio show, his love of DJing has led to countless performances and to destinations around the globe. Such destinations including London, Ibiza, Playa Del Carmen, Miami, and New Orleans. […]

DJ NIMBUS is no stranger to the underground music scene. As a kid growing up in Austin, TX, he has been attached to music from birth. Whether it was his musical inclination that led him to play the trombone or the pursuit of finding the newest releases. In 1986, his ear for music has kept […]

As a globally recognized producer, DJ Shannon Chambers‘ attraction to music came at an early age. While many genres appealed to him, it was the uniqueness of House music that captivated his artistic interests. Perhaps being from Chicago and hearing jocks like Frankie Knuckles, Farley Jackmaster Funk, Steve Silk Hurley only helped fuel this passion. […]

Born in New York, bred in Miami and seasoned in the South, DJ Nugz is a master of the funk, soul and tribal. He is a son of acknowledged music professor at the Institute of Popular Culture and Dance in Cali, Colombia. Nugz is heavily influenced by his father’s musical background. He influences derive also […]