DJ Ray Vazquez is well known for his world-famous Coney Island Boardwalk events. Ray was born in Manhattan, NYC and raised in Brooklyn. Over 35 years in the music business, his humble beginnings started by playing in Coney Island as a mobile DJ. Enjoying this business led him to move to the Bushwick/Williamsburg area. He started playing at several lounges and clubs such as Normandy’s Café, Club 480, Red Plum, The Garden, Flipside, and The Station.

Ray moved back to Manhattan where joined Eddie Rivera’s Record Pool, the IDRC/RPBC. It was there that he developed his skills as a DJ. Ray was given the opportunity to play music for the record pool. This venture grew for Ray and opened the door for him to perform several guest spots with the record pool on nationally known NYC radio stations WKTU Hot 97 and WBLS‘ “La Mega” summer concert series. In The late ’80s, Ray started a new production with longtime friend, Dennis Rivera called “JustUs Productions“. The two began throwing some of the hottest events in the NY area. As this event grew, they decided to change the event’s name to “JUSTUS WORLDWIDE“.

Ray’s NY roots, skills, and love for the music have allowed him to have played at some of the most iconic venues. From Studio 54, Latin Quarters, Palladium, Copacabana, China Club, Roxy, Cielo, Discotheque, Sequoia, and many, many more.
Currently, you can catch Ray on MyHouseRadioFM, Legends of Vinyl, His own Twitch channel, and now right here on DanceGruv Radio!

He has and continues to move millions of people worldwide. All while staying true to himself, the music, and those who support and believe in him.

DJ Ray Vazquez