.WAV (Episode 001)

today February 3, 2024my_locationSecret Location

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Welcome to “.WAV“, the new DanceGruv Radio event series in collaboration with Bull City Summit!

This is not just another event. “.WAV” is a secret pop-up session with one goal in mind, which is to immerse cutting-edge DJs/producers, the music, and you in a purely intimate setting. The atmosphere will be a unique experience placed in a secret locale each month with exquisite sound and ambiance.

Join us on February 3rd for our first installment. These events are free and extremely limited capacity. Tickets are only available online. ONCE LIMIT IS REACHED, RSVP WILL END. Act fast because you do not want to miss this! Turn on. Tune in. Let’s go!

DJ Lexnell
Treee City

Begin February 3, 2024 H 4:00 pm
End February 3, 2024 H 8:00 pm
Location Secret Location