3.31.19: SOULTherapy (Miami Music Week 2019)

SoulArtefacts MMW

SoulArtefacts is excited to host “SOULTherapy” for the 3rd year at The Catalina Hotel for Miami Music Week 2019!

They have an amazing lineup of artist ready to deliver an eclectic selection of deep, soulful, funky, jackin’, jazzy, afro, house music..come vibe and enjoy some of the best in real house music during Miami Music Week and Winter Music Conference 2019!

Doors: 2pm-10pm
Entry: Free

DJ Roster:
Deejay Kuttz (SoulArtefacts • DanceGruv Radio • Miami, FL)
Nugz (Sound Cartel • DanceGruv Radio • D3EP Radio Network • Raleigh, NC)
Frank Matik (SoulArtefacts • DanceGruv Radio • Orlando • Miami, FL)
Marshall Jones (Sound Cartel • DanceGruv Radio • The Floor • D3EP Radio Network)
DJ UZO (DanceGruv Radio • Miami, FL)
Chris Lawson (The Lawson • Miami)
Johnnie Blaze (DanceGruv Radio • Orlando • NYC)

Twitter: soulartefacts
IG: soulartefacts