12.08.19: Prose of a Con (The Russell Wardlow Story)

“Prose of a Con” – The Russell Wardlow Story

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Electronic music social justice nonprofit Give a Beat, DanceGruv Radio, and DJ Times have partnered for a new radio series called Prose of a Con. The six-part series will run October 13 through December 22, 2019, with each episode showcasing Wardlow’s prose and poetry, which will be spoken aloud by DJs across the electronic music community. Wardlow, resident #78756 of the Omaha Correctional Center, composes his work entirely behind bars. His poignant and insightful readings speak to the destructive nature of the prison system as much as they do the healing power of artistic expression.

The goal of this collaboration is to humanize and change the narrative around those who have been most affected by our system of mass incarceration. The challenge is to undo decades of labeling incarcerated individuals as the “other.”

Confirmed DJs for this project include Briddy, Blackliquid, DJ E-Clyps, Eli Goldstein (Soul Clap), Mr. V, Myxzlplix, Nickodemus, Oscar P, Pontchartrain, and Stacey Hotwaxx Hale. After their readings, DJ gives an interview to share their reflections about the piece they read and how they believe we can create social change. The series will air every other Sunday evening at 5pm EST.

The Prose of a Con project, started by Wardlow in 2017, tells his story as an artist trapped in the prison system. Prose discovered Give a Beat by chance when Wardlow’s best friend and partner the project, Katie Andrews, met Marshall Jones, CEO of DanceGruv Radio. Both Wardlow and Andrews appear on the radio series to speak about the challenges and rewards of fostering creative freedom when physical freedom remains out of reach.

His words echo the sentiments and goals of Give a Beat. Founded in 2014 by Lauren Segal, the organization seeks to educate and activate the electronic-music community to address the mass incarceration, get connected with individuals experiencing incarceration, and push for reforms. Today, Give a Beat DJ and beat-making programs inside and outside of juvenile halls and prisons in California.

Formerly incarcerated individuals face huge obstacles upon reentering society such as securing employment & housing. If you’ve been touched by Russell’s Prose of a Con poetry please show your support by donating to his re-entry fund today!

Russell Wardlow’s Re-entry Fund Donations: DONATE TODAY!

For more information and work from Russell Wardlow: PROSE OF A CON


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