3.29.19: Transmissions: Miami Frequencies (Miami Music Week 2019)

DGR MMW 2019
We are honored and very excited to bring our fast-growing event series to The Catalina Hotel for Miami Music Week 2019! This event will be broadcast live on with a stellar lineup. You got to get up to get down. We will see you on the dancefloor.

Doors: 2pm – 10pm
Entry: Free

DJ Roster:
Alvin Shavers (Strictly Social • DanceGruv Radio • Greensboro, NC)
Ben DelSol (Keep It Deep Miami • Miami, FL)
DeeJay Kuttz (SoulArtefacts • DanceGruv Radio • Miami, FL)
DJ Nugz (Sound Cartel • DanceGruv Radio • D3EP Radio Network • Raleigh, NC)
FrankMatik (SoulArtefacts • DanceGruv Radio • Orlando, FL)
Marshall Jones (Sound Cartel • DanceGruv Radio • The Floor • D3EP Radio Network • Raleigh, NC)
Pablo Godel (DanceGruv Radio • Miami, FL)
Strider (The Floor • Durham, NC)
Tomas C (Magic City Disco • DanceGruv Radio • Miami, FL)

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Twitter: dancegruvradio
IG: dancegruvradio