Four on The Floor (Third Saturdays Are Back!)

Four on The Floor continues for Third Saturdays at Arcana!  

Marshall Jones

with Residents:

$5 cover

Marshall Jones
Marshall Jones started in mid 1999 out of Gotham Nightclub in Chapel Hill, NC during the rave era. Gaining a vast knowledge and skills in the DJ booth, this led to him having an internship with Ovum Records and moving to Orlando to attend college at Full Sail University. During college, he switched from interning with Ovum to Large Music in 2004. He then started hosting and DJing events at some of the major venues around town and making appearances at WMC in Miami. In 2007, Marshall was proposed by the CEO of Large Music to move to Chicago and work directly with him. In this duration of that time, Marshall began learning from legendary Producers and DJs such as Roy Davis Jr., Mark Grant, Andre Harris, Jask, Julius The Mad Thinker and more. In 2009, he moved back to NC and linked up with long time friend DJ Nugz to create Sound Cartel. This led to them hosting and DJing their event Sultry out of the venue called Mosaic in Raleigh, NC. They have hosted many major global DJs and is considered one of the longest running Deep and Soulful House nights in the Triangle. Marshall Jones is currently DJing for such events as Mi Casa Holiday, West Coast Weekender and more. He also is running the internet based radio station entitled DanceGruv Radio, which features 38 DJs from all over the world and has gained much notoriety amongst many in the dance music community. He continues to thrive and push himself and his team to make NC known for a place where House Music lives. In his own words, “The thing I love about House Music is the fact that I am not apart of a scene, but more of a movement.”

Sound Cartel (Co-Founder)

DanceGruv Radio (Founder)

Anyone who knows djseanEboy understands that his heart pulses to deep house beats and hums along to trance-like melodies. What sets this DJ apart from the rest is his musical versatility combined with the devotion and ability to energize the crowd and make people happy through his music. To djseanEboy, DJ-ing is not a job, it is not work, it is a passionate artistic expression that sheds a little more light, love, and happiness onto the world.

At some of his most recent local shows, djseanEboy has shared the stage with artist such as Charles Feelgood, Oscar G, DJ Icey, Joe Bermudez, Peter Presta, DJ Odi, LO IQ?, Chriss Vargas, Keith Mackenzie, Baby Anne, DJ Mes, DJ Heather, Atnarko, Agent Orange, Swift of DJN Project, Barbuto, Golf Clap, Richie Santana & Peter Bailey and has played national events such as Electric Run.

His musical calling lies primarily within the genres of deep, techie, and tribal, house with a touch of Latin. Let him take you on a magic carpet ride as he weaves you in and out, around and through, the beats and rhythms of the best dance tracks from the early 2000’s to today. We promise you won’t be able to keep your feet still.

3ZKL has been DJing warehouse raves, art galleries and everything in between for nearly two decades. Inspired by the classic techno and dusty Florida breakbeats of his youth, 3ZKL’s hybrid DJ sets are built upon deep house grooves mixed with live programed 909 drums and 303 acid lines. 3ZKL keeps Durham’s local vibe alive as resident DJ and co-founder of The Floor.

Spinning an eclectic mix of House, Tech, and Nu Disco, Strider cut his teeth on house music in the late 90s before leaving his native NC for the sun and fun of Miami for college. Seeing some of the worlds best DJs, clubs, and parties, he gained an appreciation for what makes the floor move and the energy that can be generated by perfect strangers in kinetic syncopation. A founding member and resident of Shut Up and Dance and it’s subsequent lovechild, The Floor, Strider’s mission behind the decks is simple: bring people together through the common ground of house music.