Welcome to the A/V Club!

Welcome to DanceGruv Radio’s ultimate subscription group designed exclusively for DJs and music aficionados.

Here is what you get with your $3.00 a month subscription:

🎧 Exclusive DJ Sets: Gain access to special guests DJ mixes from renowned artists and rising artists. Whether you’re into House, Techno, or Drum and Bass, we’ve got your sonic cravings covered.

👕 Merchandise and Discounts: Enjoy special discounts on limited edition DanceGruv Radio merch entitled “Drip Drops”! We will be partnering with some major brands to bring you premium gear and exclusive swag at unbeatable prices.

🎉 In-Person Events: Join us and get down with special guests and residents when we host our in-person events! You will get BOGO and/or Group ticket discounts for our major events entitled “Transmissions” and you’ll get exclusive invites with a plus one for our new secret location events entitled “.WAV”. Plus you will recieve a live recording/stream of each event!

Join the A/V Club today and we will see you on the dance floor!