Jack Elgin, Jesse Austin, Jimmy Kennedy, Matthew Brian (San Diego, CA) – The Taco Tuesdays Radio Show

Welcome to Taco Tuesdays Radio. Every first and third Tuesday of the month from 9pm to midnight PST we bring you the best in house music with rotating host DJ’s Jesse Austin, Matthew Brian, Jack Elgin, and Jimmy Kennedy, along with special guest DJ’s

Jack Elgin
Jack Elgin found his love for house and dance music at an early age. Growing up in Illinois and having access to awesome Chicago radio stations like wbmx and wgci really built a great musical foundation for a life time love affair.

Being stationed in Norfolk Virginia in the early 90’s, Jack was able to find venues of just the music he craved (DC,Baltimore). Jack then became Dj Jackpot and started running 2 nights of music himself.

In 2004 Jack decided to move to San Diego, and took a twelve year hiatus from DJing, but always had the love for the music.

Jack had a what was a meant to be encounter with one of San Diego’s best DJ / Producers Matthew Brian whom helped jack in the right direction of DJing again ever since has had a chance to bring his mix style of all things house to local parties and can’t wait to bring it to DanceGruv Radio.

Jesse Austin
Growing up with a professional musician for a father, Jesse Austin began his own music career in 1992 when he started a mobile DJ business that catered to high school dances, graduation parties, sports events, etc. Unsatisfied with catering to a mainstream audience, and craving a more artistic outlet, Jesse discovered underground house music in 1995. He was hooked as soon as he heard it, and dedicated all of his time and energy into learning how to mix and produce house and techno.

Since then, Jesse has held DJ residencies in Boston, New York, Toronto, New Orleans, Rochester, Buffalo, and currently at House Music Fridays in San Diego. With a strong jazz influence from his father, along with a desire to make people smile, Jesse has developed a fun and groovy style all his own. You can catch his funky sounds on Taco Tuesdays Radio every 1st and 3rd Tuesday, as well as other various gigs throughout the globe!

Jimmy Kennedy
Growing up on the East Coast in North Carolina and moving to Pittsburgh, PA after college, Jimmy Kennedy wasn’t introduced to house music until he moved to San Diego in 2013. It didn’t take him long to fall in love with various genres of house music, and he quickly immersed himself in the San Diego music scene. Within the next two years, he had not only become a noticeable part the San Diego house music community, but also began his career as a DJ as well.

Over the course of the last 3 years DJ-ing, he’s played at events throughout San Diego and Las Vegas, including House Music Fridays, Souleil, Dance Klassique, Libertine, We Love Bass, Switching Lanes, Solset, The Old Town Get Down, Nacho House, United By Bass Presents, Night Swim, No Requests Sundays, Nite Beats Sessions, and Soul Work’s Eden. In addition to those events, his biggest achievement to date was in February of 2018 at the Pretty Kitty Lounge where he held the 24 Pause for the Cause, a charity event where he DJ-ed for 24 hours without breaks, covering over a dozen genres of music…an event supporting the NAMM Foundation. His love for music and dedication to improving as a DJ continues to grow, and you’ll see the result of that in his energy on Taco Tuesdays Radio and the other live events he plays.

Matthew Brian
Co-founder of house music label Audio Indika, DJ and Producer Matthew Brian began his successful musical trajectory in modest clubs in the southern U.S. in 1994, and followed his exceptional passion for house music by playing clubs throughout the nation. He has worked with and played alongside of some of the thoroughbreds in the music industry: Derrick Carter, Luke Solomon, Mark Farina, Diz, Wally Callerio, DJ Sneak, Hector Moralez, DJ Heather, Miles Maeda, and others, whose talents he continues to support and admire.

His own music has appeared on the following labels: 1200 Traxx, Sampled Detroit and Greenhouse Recordings. He founded Audio Indika in 2008 with best friend Uriah West. Their label has produced tracks and remixes by Forrest Avery (founder of NWMC), John Hawley, Wally Callerio, Frankie J, and other well-known underground house artists. Matthew is currently resident DJ for The A/C Lounge in San Diego, California, and regularly guests across the U.S.

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