Stadeeum Noyze (Chicago, IL) – The Swank Social Hour

Stadeeum Noyze is not a name you hear often. However this name is looking to make a few statements. Stadeeum Noyze, a Chicago native is looking to stake his claim within the music scene focusing on House Music. As House Music was birthed in Chicago, it’s no surprise that Stadeeum Noyze would be easily influenced in this genre. Studying under one of the legends in the House Music sector, Roy Davis Jr., Stadeeum Noyze is roaring out of the gate to tell his story. Starting earlier in his career, he’s been blessed with the opportunities to dj along side his mentor along with being one of the headlined djs for Sin Label for their Back To School nights. He’s been featured on various radio shows as a guest mix dj. Make sure to stay up to date with this guy.

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