RaShaanAli (Raleigh, NC) – Deep Journeys

RashaanAli has been djing since he was 16, introduced to the art by his best friends’ brother. A native of Louisville, Ky., he first heard house in 1989, when he heard a song called “That’s The Way Love Is” by a group called Ten City. It was the most ridiculous song he had ever heard. He couldn’t believe that a record company would even put out a song that sucked so much.

But as he left to go to college that same year at North Carolina Central University in Durham, NC, he began to meet and hang out with people from New York and New Jersey. They began to school him on that thing called “house music”. When he heard that song again months later, it sounded 100% different, and coincidentally, remains one of his favorite house songs of all time!

He abruptly changed his djing style from hip hop to strictly house and began playing parties across the Triangle, and as far as Charlotte and back home years later in Louisville. He gravitated toward the deeper side of house, the more obscure and dark, the better. Life took over, and in 1999, he stepped away from the scene to concentrate on his growing family. The desire returned in 2008, and since then he has been back in full swing.

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