Pablo Godel (Miami, FL) – The House Music Listening Party

Pablo Godel was born in Buenos Aires Argentina. His first interactions with music were with his father’s records of Jazz music. Even though he did not like this at his early age, it got in his soul and helped define his music style later on.

In the late 80s, acid house arrived in Argentina and he still remembers the first time he listened to it. From that moment and on, he started listening to House music. The famous FM radio, Z95 played a key role in finding the music that he started playing with.

In the 90s, he started playing in private parties in Buenos Aires, and played in a few small venues around the city.

Thanks to growing up in Argentina, a place that was influenced with sounds from both Europe and the US, he has a perspective on music not found in many places.

Like a fine wine, with the years his music style evolved. Nowadays he loves to play deep, soulful, funky house music, but he also enjoys some quality progressive sounds.

His sets are always injected with a dose of house music classics that he collected over the 25+ years of listening and playing music. His vinyl record collection is full of them!

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