Steve Howerton (Charlotte, NC) – The Misguided Warrior’s Radio Show

Steve Howerton aka The Misguided Warrior was born and raised in Greensboro, North Carolina. From a very young age, Steve took an interest in music. He was raised by an organist and joined the orchestra as a viola player in the fourth grade to fuel his passion.

Steve’s love for House Music, in particular, came about while stepping out into Greensboro’s nightlife before he was even 18. Steve attended many “First Friday” parties at Babylon, which were the essential building blocks for the music he loves to play today. By the time Steve turned 18, he was already throwing his own parties and had started a very successful weekly event known as “Hump Day Boogie”. This was the platform for Steve and many other North Carolina DJ’s to share their love for electronic music.

While continuing to advance his DJ career, Steve became part of the Choice Vinyl crew. Choice Vinyl was a dj crew affiliated with the record store in Greensboro owned and operated by Jason Cooper aka VonFunkhauser. Steve has held residencies around Greensboro at multiple venues and has played outside of Greensboro as well.

Steve now resides in Charlotte, NC, and after taking some years off, he has renewed is passion for DJing. He has quickly gotten back into the House Scene around NC, and is currently on the team of Raw Substance, a record label owned by Charles Gatling. Steve’s sound tends to stay on the deeper side of House Music, but he is very eclectic in his style. You will hear influences ranging from Afro, Deep, Tribal, Latin, and Soulful sounds in all of his sets!

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