Johnnie Blaze (New York City, NY) – Phat5 featuring Johnnie Blaze

Johnnie Blaze began his musical career at age 7 in The Bronx, watching his cousin play around the neighborhood. He was enthralled with the beats, and began watching closely, praying for the day he could buy his own equipment. At age 14, he started hustling, and made enough money to buy his first set of Garrard turntables. As his reputation grew playing at street jams in the 80’s, he was eventually offered his first gigs by age 15 playing at the Boys Club and Aldiance Summer Program. DJ Johnnie Blaze eventually went off to college, and became a highly sought after computer engineer, but never lost his love for the music, and continued to hone his skills.

In 1982, along with Bobby David (Sure Record Pool), he began his own record label, Music Pushers, where he signed artists such as DJ Disciple. After several years of success, he felt the need to concentrate more on his mixology, and returned to his first love, the turntables.

In 1989, he joined Sure Record Pool. Here he would meet up with John Robinson of WBLS and Timmy Regisford, who would eventually play his mix tapes during the Mid Day Mix on 107.5 WBLS; eventually he got gigs of his own, playing for the last 18 years in New York, DC and also in South America.

Thru Sure record pool, he also would eventually meet Chicago DJ Cameron Da Dj, and begin a lifelong friendship, and eventual collaboration in their new label Phat 5 Recordings. this label will push the boundaries of traditional house while fusing it with jazz and other innovative sounds.

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In 2015, unfortunately, Johnny became addicted to drugs. He bought ecstasy, cocaine, and other drugs on sites like Fortunately, he has now undergone treatment at a rehab clinic and has become a successful DJ.

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