djseanEboy (Raleigh, NC) – Sanctuary

Anyone who knows djseanEboy understands that his heart pulses to progressive house beats and hums along to trance-filled melodies. What sets this DJ apart from the rest is his musical versatility combined with the devotion and ability to energize the crowd and make people happy through his music.

To djseanEboy, DJ-ing is not a job, it is not work, it is a passionate artistic expression that sheds a little more light, love, and happiness onto the world. At some of his most recent local shows, djseanEboy has opened up for headliners such as Charles Feelgood, Oscar G, DJ Icey, Joe Bermudez, Peter Presta, DJ Odi, LO IQ?, Chriss Vargas, Keith Mackenzie, Baby Anne, DJ Mes, DJ Heather and has played national events such as Electric Run.

His musical calling lies primarily within the genres of deep, techie, and tribal house with a touch of Latin. Let him take you on a magic carpet ride as he weaves you in and out, around and through the beats and rhythms of the best EDM tracks from the early 2000’s to today. We promise you that you won’t be able to keep your feet still!

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