DJ Sawce (Greenville, SC) – Sunset Sessions

DJ Sawce (Alfredo Valoti) electronic musical interests started in 1996 in Italy, after sneaking into clubs to listen to his favorite DJs. The nightlife gave him the itch and he decided to start mixing his own music.

At the time Dance Music, Progressive House and Techno were the genres of interests. DJ Sawce started listening to all the hits that are now considered classics while continuing the growth of his vinyl collection. Then once he started taking vacations to Ibiza, the music scene there, expanded his horizons into House Music and fun-chilling vibes.

DJ Sawce moved to Houston, TX in 2008 and 6 years later in 2014, he was again exposed to the Deep House vibes of Clutch City. It was here where he finally found himself surrounded by Soulful House DJs that made him fall in love with the genre. After gallery openings, and cocktails hours, he finally started performing weekly at the historic Club of Montrose and The Flat.

In December of 2016, he grabbed the life changing opportunity to move to Greenville, SC and funded the Greenville House Music Movement. After few performances here and there, in May, 2017, he finally became resident DJ at SIP Whiskey & Wine with the weekly even entitled “Sunset Session”. Recently, he has started promoting open format events allowing fresh new DJs the opportunity to come up the scene, come out and perform. DJ Sawce keeps fostering the House Music growth in the Greenville area extending reach and gaining support in surrounding cities.

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