“I am of Nigerian, Cameroonian and Russian descent. Born in the country that does not exist anymore, USSR.”

Charismatically classic mix of mad genius and humble human are inherent to Uzo Udu, the young man behind DJ UZO artist brand. Unaltered earphones, a scarf at all times wrapped around them, boyish look and walk leave you irresistible to dancing in whatever venue he plays tonight. If you ask him about house music he will tell about racing at his first job, about what jokes his parents make, what a boy he was when he first moved here, how he cooks with a frisky indifference to the recipe, his first girlfriend, his first love and Chicago Riverwalk. When you come to the party you see that he is even franker behind the DJ set up and you are very welcome to dance to his story if you are trustworthy.

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