DJ Darkcyde (Raleigh, NC) – H2O

DJ Darkcyde is a Philadelphia native with a passion for music. He has been hosting parties and other musical events since high school. In 1993 while attending a Howard University Homecoming, Darkcyde heard house music for the first time and grew to love it. In the beginning of his venture to become a DJ, he started out spinning vinyl with belt drive turntables and then progressed to direct drive Numarks. During college, he held a Radio Resident DJ position at Camden County Community College for 2 years. Since then he has dropped sounds at skating rinks, block parties, pool parties, and parties in the park.

This DJ is truly a people person who knows how to read the crowd. His expertise of musical genres include House, Deep House, 80’s and 90’s Hip Hop and R&B. Darkcyde is currently playing several venues from Mosaic Wine Lounge, private events with Stylus DJ’s, and promoting Electronic Dance and Deep House events. With the support of family and friends, Darkcyde has transported people to a place of soul and solitude through rhythmic selections that move in harmony with deep resting joviality.

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