Danni Mass (Mexico City, Mexico)

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Danni Mass was born in CDMX, Mexico 1985. Danni started DJing in 2006 and he played in many clubs. In 2008 Start residency at VIK Baalam Club. In 2010 he joined the Alien Underground Muzik records. Then in 2012, He started as a founding member of 385 MILES collective and later became House Milles Techno, in which this project broadcasted some audio live streamings. The same year, he won the “DJ Revelation” award from Panda Records. In 2013, Danni started a residency at Capital Lounge & Bar. Fast forward to 2015, he started his radio show “Dealers” and hosted national and international special guests. A year later, he was invite to collaborate with MOON Deep Records which led he to join the Mexican House Unity (MHU) project as an official member of their stellar roster.  He participated in some showcases entitled EL Dencing. Currently, Danni started a residency at House Restaurant Cuernavaca. He has also been booked to play in the best local clubs such as Sudaka, Hookah Lounge, AM Local, Tara, Switch Bar (Vinyl Room), Terraza Catedral, Terraza Deck and Foro Nahual.

Danni has now joined the DanceGruv Radio family and is very excited to take up a new musical journey. 

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