Danni Mass

Danni Mass (Mexico City, Mexico)

Techniche SD DGR Flyer

Techniche SD (San Diego, CA)


Wardo (San Jose, Costa Rica)


DJ Derek Bowden (Oklahoma City, OK)

SoulArtefacts DGR Flyer

FrankMatik and DeeJay Kuttz (Miami / Orlando, FL)

Scott Diaz DGR Flyer

Scott Diaz Podcast (Brighton, U.K.)

DJ Sawce

DJ Sawce (Greenville, SC) – Sunset Sessions

Carl Dominic

Carl Dominic (Mexico City, Mexico) – Sound of Colors

Pablo Godel

Pablo Godel (Miami, FL) – The House Music Listening Party

Charles Gatling

Charles Gatling (Charlotte, NC) – Raw Substance Radio

Steve Howerton "The Misguided Warrior"

Steve Howerton (Charlotte, NC) – The Misguided Warrior’s Radio Show

Billie Blaze

Billie Blaze (Chapel Hill, NC) – The Cypher

The Taco Tuesdays Radio

Jack Elgin, Jesse Austin, Jimmy Kennedy, Matthew Brian (San Diego, CA) – The Taco Tuesdays Radio Show

Mr. V

Mr. V (New York City • San Francisco) – The Sole Channel Cafe

Mike Rosales

Mike Rosales (Mexico City, MX) – The Mexican Rhythm

Johnnie Blaze

Johnnie Blaze (New York City, NY) – Phat5 featuring Johnnie Blaze

Deep Tech (Washington D.C. • San Diego) – Deep Tech Takeover!

Lars Behrenroth

Lars Behrenroth (Los Angeles, CA) – Deeper Shades of House (DSOH)


Saynt (Durham, NC) – Sunday School


Mobelizer (Raleigh, NC) – Mobelized Vibez

Oscar P

Oscar P (San Diego • New York) – Open Bar Radio


Husky (Sydney, Australia) – Bobbin Headcast

Matthew Play

Matthew Play (New Orleans, LA) – Subterranean LIVE


Housework (Chicago, IL) – Chores

DJ Emmaculate

DJ Emmaculate (Chicago, IL) – Groove Sharks Radio


RYE (New Orleans, LA) – Whiskey Neat

Spin City Conglomerate

Spin City Conglomerate (Greensboro, NC) – Spin Cycle

DJ Bosslady

DJ Bosslady (New Jersey • Durham, NC) – Crown Royal


dial8 (Washington D.C.) – Pleasure Groove

Andrew Fetch

Andrew Fetch (Raleigh, NC) – Transcendent Movement



Bruce Bailey

DJ Bruce Bailey (Detroit, MI) – The Hubbub

Lua Cheia

Lua Cheia (NYC • JAPAN) – Full Moon Lounge


Blackliquid (New Orleans • UK) – Blackliquid Radio

J Paul Getto

J Paul Getto (Boston, MA) – Fogbank Radio

DJ Nugz

DJ Nugz (Raleigh, NC) – The Highball

Marshall Jones

Marshall Jones (Raleigh, NC) – The Knight Train

Yiro Yiro DGR Flyer

Yiro Yiro (Mexico City, Mexico) – From The Soul

Eddy Plenty

Eddy Plenty (NYC, NY) – Plenty of Love

DJ Andrea Roberto

Andrea Roberto (Milan, Italy) – Deep In My House

Stadeeum Noyze

Stadeeum Noyze (Chicago, IL) – The Swank Social Hour

Omar Faison

Omar Faison (Richmond, VA) – Southern Housepitality


Soulfreqtion (Capetown, South Africa) – AM Soul Deep Sessions

Timothy Triplett and Steve Encore

Timothy Triplett & Steve Encore (Chicago, IL) – High Soul Deep House

DJ Pangean

DJ Pangean (Raleigh, NC) – House Revolution


Sub-Culture (Fayetteville, NC) – Sound System


Slipstream (Durham, NC) – Soul Sessions

Tomie B aka DJ Real

Tomie B. aka DJ Real (Greensboro, NC) – Real Soul Foundations

DJ Feinberg

DJ Feinberg (San Diego, CA) – Gran Reserva

DJ Fabrizia

DJ Fabrizia (London, UK) – Animal House

Olga Arteaga

Olga Arteaga (Los Angeles, CA) – Soul-N-Love

Miss Voltaghe

Miss Voltaghe (Mexico City, Mexico) – House Nation

KenMimi Deejay

Kenmimi Deejay (Marseille, France) – Vibe Sessions

DJ Darkcyde

DJ Darkcyde (Raleigh, NC) – H2O

DeepJust and MykBzsH

DeepJust & MykBzsh (NJ / VA) – GetOpen Sessions

Chewy Vega

Chewy Vega (Playa del Carmen, MX) – Beat Sessions


Brian SD (San Diego, CA) – Immersion in Sound

Alvin Shavers

Alvin Shavers (Greensboro, NC) – The Drive

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