Russoul (Chicago, IL) – Russoul Live

Pleasure Prince sets the tone for an adventurous hour into Fantasy House. Pleasure Prince The Evolution Of Russoul.

Whether it’s night or day the doors to Fantasy House are always opened. Behind the decks Pleasure Prince reigns and orchestrates a majestic sound for all nations, worlds, and people. When it comes to battle, he is armed with a sensual sultry voice that speaks to the heart, a music theory background that gives him an understanding of musical progression like no other, and fingers that dance on top of ivory better than Jack. Whether you’re the leader or the follower, you will agree that his ingredients for a good time consists of fusing the styles together in ways that stimulate the mind, body, and soul.

After years of singing R&B, watching, working with, and performing alongside some of the biggest Chicago producers and Dj’s, Russoul began to search for his own artistic direction . While on this journey in expression, he discovered that house music was a genre of music that granted him the opportunity to truly express his musical thoughts, ideas and creations. Motivated to take all his experience, knowledge, and understanding of jazz, soul, R&B, hip hop, techno, tech house, deep house and soulful house, Russoul was driven to create a sound of his own. As a way to influence others he taught himself to DJ so that his contribution of music could be played everywhere. This contribution can also be known as, Fantasy House.

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