Mutha Trucka (New Orleans, LA) – The Boogie Brunch

Jeremy Avegno aka Mutha Trucka has been in and around the scene since 1996.

Buying his first set of decks in 1997 he spent countless hours perfecting his craft and growing his love for all things house and techno related. Living in the city of New Orleans, he has always absorbed through osmosis, the jazz, funk and blues music that permeates the streets and alleyways that run through NOLA. After years of meandering from here to there musically, he has finally arrived to your ears, bringing with him all the sounds and styles he has picked up along the way. You’ll hear funk and disco re-edits, classic house and tracks that just make him get down and hopefully get you moving on the dance floor. Life is most definitely a road, you just have to keep on Truckin!

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