Freddie Livingston (Raleigh, NC) – Segmentation Fault

For Freddie Livingston, music takes on a different meaning. Music becomes part of living and delivering music is an expression of your soul. Freddie’s musical career began at an early age. Freddie and his twin brother DJ Cedvicious grew up in a profoundly musical household; his grand-mother and mother were part time musical instructors who put him into viola and trumpet lessons, and his brother experimented with the alto saxophone from the moment they had enough motor control in their hands to hold musical instruments.

Freddie’s first introduction to the scene was in the late 90’s while attending DJ Hip-Hop Battles with his brother. At this time he was mostly into Hip-Hop and R&B. Freddie was introduced to House music by DJ Sedrick Drayton. DJ Sedrick introduced me to NYC house artists such as Master at Work. The drum beats, found in NYC style house, is the heart and foundation for a track and the harmonics and vocals is what gives a track its soul. Freddie Livingston’s dj sets contain multiple genres from Deep House to Techno to deliver a unique musical blend of harmonics, vocals, and beats.

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